About the Ocean Reef Historical Society

Although Ocean Reef is relatively young, our physical history and our written history as a club are unique, rich and colorful. As well, the people who made this history are equally unique, colorful and accomplished. It is incumbent that the Historical Society captures as much of this history as possible for our successors and children. Similarly, it is our obligation to record tomorrow’s history today by accurately capturing and memorializing the current events and happenings at Ocean Reef for use by future generations.

Aside from collecting and curating the Ocean Reef history, the Ocean Reef Historical Society is responsible for the Cultural Center Museum -- a 900 square foot, interactive museum chronicling Ocean Reef’s history and also the Historical “Yachtel” located on the grounds of the Cultural Center. The Baker Yachtel, circa 1947-1951, is one of the original free-standing motel units used for the visiting yachtsmen in the late ‘40s. It has been declared a “Historical and Cultural Landmark” by the Monroe County Board of Commissioners.

We hope you can visit us in person the next time you are at Ocean Reef.

Ocean Reef Historical Society Mission Statement

To discover, preserve and protect the history and heritage of the Ocean Reef Club community and its’ institutions and clubs.


Lisa Dykes

Ocean Reef Cultural Center

200 Anchor Drive

Key Largo, FL 33037